How To Make Money Trading Forex – Even If You’ve Never Traded Before

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What I Did and How You Can Use It

This book will show you “How to Make Money Trading Forex: Even If You’ve Never Traded Before.”

Chances are we have not met… so I’m not making any outlandish claims or implications that you will match my resul ts or receive any results whatsoever. And before we get into it, please let me be very clear and concise and state that my results are not typical. I’m going to show you what worked well for me, and the thought is that you will be able to implement some of the information that I’ll share with you to get the results that you specifically are after. So if you’re out looking for one of those “get rich quick” type of deals, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

BUT – if you’re a “genuine person who has some skills, and you are able to help yourself and willing to work for what it is you want to achieve, then this is for you.
How to Make Money Trading Forex

In 2015, my Forex trading business averaged just over £36,000 per MONTH in actual profits. That’s money in my hands, not revenue, not net, actual cash. Cleared funds.

At this point of my Forex trading business, I had no employees. It was just me, myself, and I. I worked predominantly from home and on the move.

In this book, I’ll tell you how I did it and give you a plan that you can use as well.


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